Hi there Beautiful souls

Always a joy to catch up with you on here. Cutting to the chase, I believe all of you have or are settling in great at your next level in school which turns out to be another level up in your life. Which means growing up. Does it suck? Nope, I didn't think so, do you?

I remember, those days in school hundred years ago. Going to new classes wasn't much of a challenge but ever so often I wasn't present with the next new thing happening in my life and kind of went through the motions not paying attention to anything in particular. Looking back to those days when I was your age there are so many memories but for the most part if I should put it under a microscope and gauge it against what I know today I would love the opportunity to do it all over again. It was in year four I remember and BOY!, I hated maths. Fast forward to my secret, way after I finished secondary which is high school in the United States, I realised Maths is the one most easiest subject on planet earth at least at primary level. And all it takes is knowing your formulas and bingo you will be a superstar.

Reverse to year four it was exams time and my uncle brought this guy around my grandma's who gave my siblings and I a trick to use if we had a challenge to skip through challenges without putting in any effort. So here I was exams day and it was maths, my goodness but I had come prepared with the trick to skip easy. Exam papers in front of me and I started chanting those words I was told to say "swami swami, harry o! harry o! " and nothing happened on the paper like the guy said it would. The chant was suppose to work the answers but there was nothing but a blank sheet of paper in front of me. Before I could say Jack the teacher said twenty minutes more and here I was with a blank sheet in front of me. You can imagine panic rushing through me like wild fire which got me on overdrive working out as much as I could with the little time left to finish fifty questions. I will tell you what happened after that next time.

Meanwhile here is my learning experience from back then. There is no need cutting corners with your life. What is worth doing is worth doing it well. That is the whole point of being beautiful and at your best. After all you don't just represent yourself you represent a whole family. Till next time. Keep up the good work.