It's back to school guys and I stopped by to share your moments. Are you happy or upset because you don't know what to expect? Well it doesn't matter because its normal to feel upset sometimes about going back to school,its been a long break and some of you are used to waking up whenever you like and going to bed whenever you like and you are missing those days already. Well. that's why I stopped by to bring you these cherry blossoms to keep that cute smile sweeter and bold enjoying every moment of going back to school.

Going to your next class means growing up, oh boy, you getting grey hairs...hahahahaha... just joking. Let me talk to you about one of my favourite birds; the lyrebird. Its not the cutest bird in the wild yet it could make every sound it hears and that makes the lyrebird super cool. See, my friend, you, like the lyre bird might be young and might be feeling a little out of place in your new class but here is the secret you are the BEST. Can you say that with me. I am the BEST.

You need to believe that and wake up everyday knowing that you were created a winner so relax, say your prayer everyday knowing that Papa God is watching over you and your greatest weapon is knowing that God cares about everything you doing. So never feel discouraged about anything. Give everything your best shot and when you feel like you are struggling just know that God created you to win, so all you do is to get all the help you need and tell yourself you can do this. Knowing that Papa God created you a winner, everyday stand in the mirror and tell yourself "I am perfectly created for this". "I can do this". "I am a winner and living the best of me now". Ask for all the help you need, switch on you thinking cap and keep saying it " I am loved" " I am calm", " I am joyful" and I am beautifully created to be the best the world will ever know.

Never forget to say a word of prayer to make sure your spirit is growing as well as your mind and body. On that note, enjoy being the best at what you do. Check out the lyrebird videos for the sounds it makes on you-tube. Always ask permission before you go on the internet.

Loving and praying for you always and remember you can do this so don't be afraid of the new stage.