Well hello, hello Paragon Kids,

Somebody pinch me, so I stay away and not be a nosy parker peeking into your summer splashes. I bet you are having the time of your lives this holidays and can sure hope some of you have even dared to be the master chef at those barbecues or tried your busy fingers in the kitchen with your parents or Grannies.

Cooking in the kitchen with my Grandma used to be my thing; it was real fun because I got to be the taster and my favourite part was having my fill on freshly fried fish, yum! That is why I know that you are kicking your boots off this holidays. Well done for being of help wherever you are and staying active.

Swinging along and having fun, spending time with family is all that holidays is about. Have you noticed how relaxed you are almost everyday no matter what it is you are doing? It is as though the world is at your command and it sure is.

Connect the dots of having fun, moving easily in your day, not feeling distracted by anything and master that pattern of being relaxed and enjoying your world because in a few weeks you going to be doing the same when school reopens.

Using your favourite colours make a map and add details of what your environment feels like so you can make your way back just like Hansel and Gretel. Only this time it would be you making your way back to your world of calmness. Ask Dad and Mum to help you. They can observe you and feedback to you and you can use that anytime you feel distracted to get back on track settling back in that relaxed state while you get your stuff done.

It’s your world.