Am sitting here laughing at the title wherever that came from. Anyway, let’s see where that takes us. Summer holidays,eh. Huddle up Paragon kids, you are all models of excellence. What does that mean? It means you are the examples that others;your friends and younger sibling/s learn from. So getting it right even though you are yet still young is important at this stage of your life.

Why is that? Because greatness is already inside of you. I hope that answers your question. Oh, I heard that, you smart mind, "are you not suppose to enjoy your childhood?" "For sure smarty, you have to enjoy your childhood years" and as much as you have to enjoy these special years and especially because you are seven and above I will let you on a little secret. I found out the stages of our lives are given to us in blocks and once you step into your seventh year in life you have began what I call the foundation laying of your life, you are no more an explorer as I call my wonderful zero to six year old. Everything you do from your seventh year till you are thirteen is putting bricks down to build your foundation. You are choosing the design for your future. Yep, greatness starts from now and you already are whatever you want to be in life. So don’t misuse all your holidays playing games, watching television endlessly, playing dolls and going round your friends houses. And don’t forget to help out with doing your chores at home and tidying your room, that one... We will catch up with you soon. I would love to hear how you doing. Happy holidays. Ruach.